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Purpose:   Review HSI's response to mtA's mission

Attendees: Martha Boden, Brent Bolick, Monte Korte, Karen Patitz, Warren Patitz, Paul Ponticello

mtA Question 1:
Will HSI release audited financial statements?

HSI Answer:
HSI provided us with the audited returns for 2002. In addition, HSI agreed to post a message on their web site indicating they are available upon request.

mtA Position:
A positive first step towards transparent disclosure of financial records to the public.


mtA Question #2:
Will HSI release dated, documented proof that all HSI funds used for personal expenses of employees have been repaid?

HSI Answer:
HSI, along with their auditors are working on a document that can be released to the public.

mtA Position:
In contrast to public statements made to the contrary at the time this issue surfaced, dated documented proof does not exist. However, we will await receipt of the auditors' statement before commenting further on this issue.


mtA Question #3:
Will Board members, as outlined on mtA's web site www.movetoact.org resign?

HSI Answer:
No. However, they indicated they would consider eliminating current practice of allowing board members to serve again after a one year hiatus.

mtA Position:
This remains a contentious issue. Again, their offer is a good first step but falls far short of rebuilding public trust. Our comments to HSI

a) Acknowledge past and present problems.
b) Outline corrective action
c) Act

In summary, HSI position on this issue is not acceptable at this time. We will continue to press our case for accountability.

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