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Rescue groups and the public invited to participate
in 4th annual life-saving Rescue Rally

"Tails Ales"
August and September
Broadripple Brewpub

Just One Day no-kill event becomes a record five no-kill days in Indianapolis

“Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Work”
News Release(1/10/13)

Welcome to Indianapolis!
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Archive of past Move to ACT "Thumbs"

Misty Eyes Animal Shelter and Learning Center
An emerging initiative in Hendricks County is growing to help make Hendricks County a safer place for animals.

If you live in that neighborhood and/or can offer assistance, pay Misty Eyes a visit. Consider this organization for donation and adoption options.

Pet Supplies Plus INDY
Pet Supplies Plus Indy is the one large, local pet supply store with four locations that does not contribute to animal suffering by selling rabbits, ferrets, gerbils, turtles or birds. Read more here.

IACC administrators Amber Myers and Dan Shackle
Team-tagging between previous administrator Amber Myers and current administrator Daniel Shackle has resulted in approved funding and selection of a full time veterinarian trained in shelter medicine for  IACC.  Natalie Mickelson DVM will begin her duties starting January 1, 2013.  We welcome her.

Doug Rae
Doug Rae (dismissed by a concerted  local political effort) was the first IACC administrator who advanced the agenda that dogs should not be killed because they are of a bully-breed appearance. Because of Rae’s policy, dogs of this nature are no longer killed in Indianapolis because of such profiling.  Our profound gratitude to Doug Rae for this and more.

Second Chance Rescue

“Second Chance Rescue” came onto the mtA radar and reported on in 2009  for disturbing practices.

This “rescue” has again been called to mtA’s attention selling intact dogs,  parvo-infected puppies, advertising puppies for sale in multiple publications not consistent with rescue practices and providing inadequate inoculation documentation.  mtA has been unable to identify any shelter or humane organization that works with Second Chance Rescue. If you know of anyone adopting a dog from this organization please have them contact mtA.

Channel 6 and Kara Kenney
"Kenney did in-depth investigative reporting on Indianapolis Animals Care and Control and uncovered the dismissive attitudes of city officials towards that division where 9,000 animal are destroyed/year. Those reports can be viewed here and here."
Sir Prince Charles III
"Sir Prince Charles III is the four-legged companion to Maggie Lewis, newly elected President of the City-County Council. This little guy goes to work with Ms Lewis at the Dove Recovery House for Womenand does what animals can do best, provides an invaluable presence of comfort and healing. Hopefully Sir Prince III will influence the council to champion the needs of his kin entering IACC who are facing a grisly outcome as a consequence of the calculated neglect from the 25th floor."
City administration
"The Mayor states with regards to the attention given to IACC. “You do what you can with the resources given.” Just what does the city administration do with tax payers’ money it receives? For starters click here."
Adam Garrett
Adam Garrett, IACC representative, June 24, 2011. "This Memorial Day (IACC is) unveiling our Memory Garden to remember all the animals who have lost their lives here at the shelter. Hopefully it will serve as a reminder to those who are wishing to surrender their pets and help them think twice before they leave them here. "

This statement underscores the instruction in the Rescue Rally Resource Directory pg 9: "Do NOT take the animal to Animal Care and Control. There is a high likelihood that it will be killed to make room for incoming animals or become infected with a shelter-borne disease and die before it is re-homed."
Marty Gallagher
"Marty Gallagher is an amazing person with many talents. One of her very special gifts is the ability to save the lives of very young kittens and puppies that would have no chance of survival without her. She has more energy and enthusiasm than any ten humans should have and puts it all to good use. Her hours of love and dedication to these tiny helpless animals are appreciated by many in our animal welfare community. Many thanks to Marty for everything she has done and continues to do."
Jo O'Keefe
"Jo O'Keefe is an absolute magician with her rescue dogs and is worthy of a 'thumbs up.' She frequents ACC and rescues and fosters MANY dogs and fosters. Nobody really knows how many she may have at any given time. She is a great person, very humble and has a huge heart. Her foster dogs adore her."
Sandra Sigmund
Sandra Sigmund, a multi-organization volunteer, has been described as a "highly intelligent, high energy, rescue machine." "Indefatigable" says a close associate." Sandra calls attention to, and helps transfer at anytime, as many animals as possible from IACC to rescue organizations.
Julie Zink
Julie works at IACC and saves lives by notifying rescue contacts about dogs that no one else notices. "She calls to update me on dogs she knows I am worried about. She lets me know about (my favorite) breeds. She also knows I have a thing for older dogs and lets me know about them."
Erin Radke
Erin works at IACC, "She will drop everything to help save a dog. Most people are so busy you hate to ask. Erin literally offers. She sends emails with pictures of dogs and will stop what she is doing to help heartworm test a dog. She always does it with a smile, saying "No Problem." . Her heart is in the right place and she takes suggestions well." "Erin has also shown good judgement in making foster and rescue placements"
Pet Pals TV and Pet Pals
Hosts Patty Spitler (with Louie) and Paul Poteet profile individuals, organizations and animals who are part of the central Indiana animal welfare landscape. Patti and Paul bring attention to the challenging conditions companion animals often face and the good outcomes they have because of people who care. As in animal welfare there are organizations and individuals behind the scenes who go unrecognized: photographer/show-owner Ramon Carrera and executive producer Jason Heath make this show happen. Watch Pet Pals TV on Saturdays, 10:30 AM WNDY-TV 23. Even better, to support this show visit the website and sign up to become a member!
Humane Society of Indianapolis
HSI has recently added a proactive component to one of the essential programs of the No Kill Equation, "Pet Retention," by offering free training classes with every new adoption.
Southside Animal Shelter and local advocate Diane Richards
Southside Animal Shelter and local advocate Diane Richards, who tirelessly lobbies to shut down puppy mills nationwide, are reaching out to puppy mill dogs to end their imprisonment in a profiteering commercial industry that perpetuates a lifetime of pain and suffering. If you are looking to help a local animal shelter that goes the "extra mile," Southside Animal Shelter can use your help. Read more about this undertaking. To learn more about the Indiana puppy mill campaign, visit here.
State Representative Linda Lawson
Representative Lawson has lobbied for stronger legislation to combat animal cruelty and ban puppy mills. In August, she volunteered to drive Indiana dogs to the east coast as a part of the CanINE Express transport project. Read more here.
Shannon Ross, Animal Photographer Extraordinaire
Shannon has been capturing the inherent beauty of each of the animals at IACC with her camera since March of this year. In addition to the on-site photography at IACC, Shannon commits hours at home editing, writing, uploading, and managing the listings on Petfinders throughout the week. Her interest in doing this? "A labor of love."
Safety Director Frank Straub's Misallocation of Public Safety Resources (i.e.: tax payers' dollars)
IACC continues to be understaffed, animals are provided with less than adequate veterinary care in a building with an antiquated HVAC system that does not meet federal standards while the Public Safety Director reportedly enjoys remodeling of his office space and the hiring of assistants and transfers from IMPD with pay raises for his own "Indianapolis Homeland Security" division.
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) and Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC)
IMPD with the assistance of IACC made the largest dog-fighting raid in Indianapolis history on Friday, August 6, in the 3000 block of West 60th Street. Twenty-three people were arrested. According to police, nine pit bulls, some of them scarred, scratched and bloodied, were removed from inside and outside the home, along with drugs, more than $10,000 cash, guns and fighting equipment. These people often get off with a slap on the wrist. What can you do? Make your voice heard by taking action.
Laurie Adams, former IACC ACO and current volunteer
Ms. Adams oversees enrichment for the long term resident dogs at IACC including those dogs held for investigation.
"Pets Supplies Plus" owner Nick Milano
Nick has exhibited ongoing and broad support of animal welfare organizations in Indianapolis. As a businessman he understands the value to his enterprise of reaching out to local animal groups. This business model has put Pets Supplies Plus ahead of its competition.
Simon Mall marketing and management staffers Lauren Ballard, Tiffany Cring and Cathy Fisher
This team has generously provided tenant space for reTails neighborhood pet adoptions events that provide a life-saving avenue for shelter dogs and cats. This has allowed reTails to get off to a great start in its first year at Washington Square, Hamilton Town Center and Clay Terrace.
Sponsors of the Michael Vick Reality TV Show:
KFC, Chevrolet, Buick, Sprint Bally Fitness, Hershey, Footlocker, Applebees, Dave and Busters
What do you get when you add an arrest for running a dog fighting ring to a recently completed 18-month prison term? If you’re infamous quarterback, and monster animal abuser and killer, Michael Vick, you get a deal for an eight-part television series on BET. Animal abuse should never be rewarded and corporations who expect to profit by endorsing this show can be held accountable by boycotting their products or business. Read more here.
Frank Straub
The city has yet to see what direction the new safety director has for Indianapolis Animal Care and Control; a division that continues to be challenged with underfunding, performance and reporting issues and where staff and animals are confined within a building with a HVAC system that reportedly fails federal standards.
FACE Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic
FACE Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic has spayed and neutered more than 13,000 animals in a recent 12 month period. Read More
John Aleshire
John Aleshire for being quoted in the "Community Animal Allies of Niagra" that promotes the NO KILL PHILOSOPHY. Read the article "Ring the Bells."
City of Indianapolis
for Perpetuating a Euphemism to Camouflage the Death of Animals
The city (and private shelters) spokespeople continue to use the word “euthanize” to sanitize to the public the death of animals (800 animals/month at IACC in 2009) at the tax-payers’ and donors expense. Per Webster: Euthanasia is: "the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy." Using the term for any other reason (population control, not enough space or unavailable medical care) is misleading and an incorrect use of the word. An estimated and fair assessment is that 90% of these 800 animals (720) were not irremediably suffering medically or behaviorally. "Ethics and honesty demand avoiding euphemisms." - Merritt Clifton, Editor, Animal People (1997).
Mayor Ballard
After IACC board chair David Horth barred Channel 16 from covering the board meetings, Chris Cotteril stated on behalf of the Mayor, that he'd bring a video camera to the meetings himself, if that is what it took to re-open them to the viewing public. Note: An ethics complaint has been filed against Horth for voluntarily excusing himself and thus forcing the cancellation of the Sept IACC board meeting. A request to Mayor Ballard has been made on behalf of mtA and FBI (Feral Bureau of Indiana) for Horth’s removal from the board for behavior that indicates a disturbing pattern of concealment. Ethics complaint is here.
Spay Neuter Services of Indiana (SNSI)
SNSI is applying for pet-friendly license plate with the intention that the proceeds will go into a state-wide spay/neuter assistance fund that will work like SNSI's current Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), which subsidizes spay/neuter surgeries for low-income Indiana residents.
All the Genuine Rescue Groups in Central Indiana assisting animals at IACC
Indianapolis Animal Care and Control is unable to care for all the animals who come to its doorstep. Area rescue groups and partners contribute a precious life-saving safety net that would otherwise not be available to these animals. If you are thinking about where an animal will be the recipient of 100% of your donation, please consider donating to a rescue group or IACC partner. (Please check 501c3 status for tax deduction). A list can be found here. MtA will be spot-lighting some of these organizations and others in the future.


Interim Safety Director Mark Renner in the Penalty Box

Making the decision to dismiss the pre-existing IACC administrator and his management staff to chase political expediency. What an opportunity missed had Mr. Renner actually offered support!  Starting all over yet again…

Thumbs up to Christina Curtis and family

Christina Curtis has rescued more that 400 dogs from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. This level of enthusiasm especially requires a willing spouse who supports such a commitment. Christina is also a world disc dog champion and many of the dogs she rescues out of IACC have gone on to live with other trainers throughout the world to become champion disc dogs themselves!  Her son, Chandler, is following in his mother’s footsteps and with his shelter dogs they were recently featured in a local news article

Thumbs up to Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO)

ARPO was recently alerted to “Major Lee” who had been relinquished to Animal Care and Control.  The organization took this dog into their care and gave him a new life.  See “Before” and “after” pictures of Major Lee.

More about ARPO and the work they do can be viewed here.

Thumbs up to Shari Blessing

I guess I would say I put in about 14 hours a day, sometimes more. I consider 8 to 8 a pretty light day. I was coming in at 8 but with our new shift starting I am going to start coming in at 7 on Friday and Saturday and 9 the rest of the week.

A lot of the times, I am moving animals in the evening, cleaning empty kennels, checking water, straightening the place up or catching up on paperwork. I think having the night staff here will be helpful and I probably won't work as much once they get up to speed on what I would like to see done. I really would like to do 12 hours and not a lot more than that and I really think that will be soon.


Thumbs up to Lucky Dog Retreat

Where owner Robin Herman and staff in the past 3 years have fostered (medically treated when needed) and adopted-out 31 dogs from IACC, plus intercepted 14 more dogs who were headed into the "sheltering" system! See some of the 45 well-socialized "lucky dogs" here


Second Chance Rescue in the Penalty Box

Selling dogs that are not altered, not vaccinated or dewormed prior to adopting them to the public.

Read about Sox (Just one of several confirmed similar adoptions)


Thumbs up to Rosie Ellis at Southside Animal Shelter

Thumbs up and congratulations to Rosie Ellis at Southside Animal Shelter for her continued efforts in rescuing as many lives as possible from Animal Care and Control. She has been running her shelter for over ten years and has rescued more than 20,000 animals from ACC. We want her to know how grateful we are to her and to all of the rescue groups that continue to save the lives of these incredible animals.


Thumbs up to Adam Garrett at Animal Care and Control

continuing on as volunteer coordinator, his dedication to animals at IACC and the long hours Administrator Doug Rae says he's worked to keep the place going during the tough transition. Ray reports that Adam often gets there before he does in the AM. All positive comments in a situation where others might have walked away.