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September 7, 2004

Will Attorney General Steve Carter protect the Mary Powell Crume Public Charitable Trust with the same vigilance as the Conner Prairie Public Charitable Trust, or has a special deal been cut with Humane Society officials as suggested by HSI official's public comments?

From the Attorney General’s filed Objection:

“The Attorney General believes that the proposed loan and 3 year plan are not in the best interest of the public or the trust, do not follow the intent of the settlor and may result in an unnecessary diminishing of the assets of the trust.”

Will Steve Carter abide by his own words? Or is he being influenced by the Humane Society to withdraw for some reason?  

If the objection is withdrawn and the AG’s office allows the public charitable trust to be collateralized, that could be a first in Indiana Probate Case Law. Will that compromise the security of public trusts in the future?

Case to be heard Tuesday September 7th at 11:00 am, in the Marion County Probate Court, City County Bldg, 200 E. Washington St., 17th Floor.

The attorney representing the animal welfare groups involved, Veronica Jarnagin, is available for questions at her office 317-253-7664 until 9:45 am or on her cell after that at 317-402-9010.

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