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Sent via e-mail Jan. 15th:

To: Monty Korte

Cc: Warren Patitz, Martha Boden   

Mr. Korte,

My firm is acting in an advisory capacity to Move to Act, Inc. The short term objectives of this organization are focused on board governance and clearly outlined in the mission statement. Although there has been considerable dialogue over the past few years with the issues facing HSI, to our knowledge, specific verifiable actions have not been taken to resolve them. In light of Enron and many similar cases in the public conscience, only strong action by the board can rebuild the public trust when it has been abused.

Mr. Patitz and I are available to meet with you to hear your response to our objectives and to answer any questions at this time. If Ms. Boden is acting as the representative of the board in this matter is entirely your call.


Paul Ponticello
A.T. Helm Consulting

Reply received via e-mail Jan.16 th

From: Monty Korte

Cc: Warren Patitz, Brent Bolick, Martha Boden


Thanks for your note.   I'm not sure we're at a stage where we can meet to provide a response to your objectives because I'm still not sure what they are.   We have not been contacted or communicated with directly, so are left to receiving information available from news articles and websites.

My quick review of the website does not provide clear insight into the real objectives of the organization.   The mission of the organization is "Advocate on behalf of animal welfare issues within Indianapolis and surrounding communities" and the campaign is "to rebuild trust in the Humane Society of Indianapolis".   However elsewhere the website states, "This campaign will also provide smaller agencies an opportunity to influence the potential impact on their organization that will have to manage the additional flood of animals that will pour into their care when the humane society closes its doors".

Also, the website states the organization "provides information that allows you to make the wisest contribution possible to assist the biggest ailing agency that will influence the fate of thousands of animals in central Indiana".   We naturally feel we are a far greater source of information about the Humane Society of Indianapolis.   Indeed, one of the cornerstones of gaining additional community support was the sort of transparency that comes with, among other things, providing a complete and accurate response to any question or request for information from anyone in the community unless we are legally bound from doing so.   So far, I believe this direction has been well received, and if anyone feels we have not been living up to this goal I and the rest of the board need to know.

As I am sure you are aware, we have many stakeholders whose expectations we are anxious to fulfill.   Day-to-day management of operations and care of the animals is a primary priority.   Our volunteer board members have been devoting an unprecedented amount of time and energy.   In order to make the most of a meeting can I ask that the organization: 1) communicate its objectives with HSI and what role or actions you expect us to take, and 2) ask questions or request information that the website alludes has not been forthcoming, despite the lack of any requests.

Paul, thanks for the note.   I assure you that I, the board and HSI embrace anyone who would like to donate time and energy to improve animal welfare in Central Indiana or effect positive change at HSI.   I also feel the most effective and efficient manner of effecting change is working directly and from within.   I'm unfamiliar with your organization, but if you feel you can help, we would like to hear how.


Monty Korte
Ernst & Young LLP
111 Monument Circle, Suite 2600
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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