Petition Drive
To Restore the Humane Society of Indianapolis

small step by you
One giant leap for the animals

Objective of this Drive:
Give Indianapolis area residents the opportunity to create a Humane Society that truly represents the priorities of the animal welfare community, is a responsible steward of animal welfare dollars, and again becomes nationally recognized as a genuine advocate for all animals.

Step 1: Remove Ineffective and Irresponsible Board Members.
Remove any current Humane Society of Indianapolis board member who served during the 2000-2002 period.These Board Members never:

  • Publicly apologized for allowing HSI funds to be used for personal expenses.
  • Publicly apologized for running multimillion-dollar deficits while blaming the stock market and negative media coverage.
  • Took a public stand on any local animal welfare issues.

Step 2: Select new Board Members by March 30th, 2004

  • A slate of candidates representing animal welfare advocacy, city government, philanthropy, and fiscal management is being created. Candidate list will be posted on mtA web site and/or emailed by this date. All candidates will sign a pledge making the “Objective” their mandate from the community.

Step 3: Elect new Board Members in May 2004 at Annual Meeting

  • Request Humane Society public hearing by April 15th to accept petitioners Objective, acknowledge resignations, and accept new candidate slate for election in May.

Initiated by movetoACT

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