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On March 2nd, mtA filed an Objection to the Mary Crume “Statement of Accounts” with the Marion County Probate Court.

Q. What is a “Statement of Accounts”?
A.  A Statement of Accounts (SOA) provides mandated information, as defined by the legislature,  that must be submitted by the trustees to the Probate Court when certain conditions exist. Examples of what’s listed in the SOA:

  1. An itemized schedule of income received and dispersed, distributed, or otherwise disposed of during the period.
  2. The balance remaining in the account.

Simple performance measurements are not mandated. As a result, although there is 54 pages in Mary Crume’s SOA, it takes considerable effort to determine year to date and 5,10, 15 year information that would allow the public to make informed decisions as to how well the trustees performed their fiduciary role.

Historical Note:
On the 13th day of April 1962, the Probate Court rendered a judgment (Civil Docket Cause Number 5222) in part, as follows: THAT SAID INDIANAPOLIS HUMANE SOCIETY HAS TO DATE FAILED TO COMPLY WITH THE TERMS OF SAID TRUST,HAS IMPROLERLY PAID PART OF ITS CORPORTAE EXPENSES UNRELATED TO TRUST PURPOSES, AND HAS CHANGED THE INVESTMENTS OF SAID TRUST OF STATE CONTRARY TO THE TERMS OF SAID TRUST”. Many of the defendants were purported to be heirs of Mary Crume. As a result, the Trustees to this day, must submit a SOA.

Q. What is an “Objection?”
A. When an SOA is filed, the public (with limitations) has a right to Object within 15 days of filing. Benevolent Public Trusts, by their very nature, are open to closer scrutiny than private trusts. However, facts can be easily obscured over time.

Q. Why did we file?
A. In our continuing efforts to bring transparency to HSI, we filed the Objection to ensure that additional facts surrounding their finances are brought into the public domain. Sadly, when one studies the court record, there is a long history of preventing the benevolent intentions of Mary Crume from ever being achieved. We hope to carry on the legacy of Otto Ray and many others to remain ever vigilant.

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