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Action Alert November 2010
The Indiana Natural Resources Commission has given preliminary adoption to the proposed rule that would allow the chasing of coyotes and foxes inside an enclosed pen with an additional provision that no new ones be allowed after January 1, 2012.

Wildlife biologist Jodi Minion describes the practice of hunting wildlife in enclosed pens:

"Penning" is a blood sport that involves trapping and dumping foxes and coyotes into fenced enclosures and releasing packs of frantic dogs into the pens. The terrified wild animals are terrorized to the point of exhaustion, cornered, and often torn to shreds. Survivors suffer through this horror again and again, and the events can last for days. But the terror begins weeks earlier when the animals are snared and removed from their habitats and families and then transported (to the penned area)."

A summary of the cascade of this blood sport/animal torture for profiteering and entertainment, in addition to the associated illegal activity, disease transmission and tax payer expense of penning is captured in the press release from the Indiana Coyote Rescue Center.

The press release and accompanying video is here.
How you can move to ACT to stop this purposeful and mindless carnage:
1. Write and/or call the INRC today! Ask officials to ban the cruel penning of wildlife in Indiana once and for all.
Indiana Natural Resources Commission Indiana Government Center North 100 N. Senate Ave., Rm. N501 Indianapolis, IN 46204 317-232-4699 317-233-2977 (fax)
2. Write Governor Daniels
3. Comment on this proposal at the website
Scroll down to the box
4. Contact your state legislator.
You can find them here.

Draft your own text or, use suggested message: "I want penned hunting totally BANNED in Indiana with NO grandfathering to protect currently established penning operations - to take effect immediately."
5. Contact Mr. Jack Hyden to share your thoughts on penned hunting.
Jack Hyden

Jack Hyden, who lives in Greene County, is the president of the Indiana Beagler's Alliance, (a "pro-opportunity group") and director of the Indiana Council for Animal Welfare, the name which juxtapositions itself to his affection for the blood sport hunting practice he promotes. He is also reportedly the owner of the only penned hunting area in the state. Mr. Hyden is aggressively lobbying for penned hunting and describes those who want to protect wildlife from this barbaric hunting practice (and associated monetary profiteering) as, "a menacing group of people."

Mr. Hyden proudly boasts of his success at stopping the Indiana Department of Natural Resources from closing dog hunting on state land as well as boasts of his successful oppositional lobbying ability that can "kick butt" in the state house by massaging bills, after which he has: " ...rammed it up, opps, or should I say down the throat of HSUS, Lake County's State Rep. Linda Lawson, and HSUS's funny girl Ann Sterling."

Mr. Hyden's sophisticated comments speak volumes.

Is this the kind of mentality and influence that is driving our state's legislation? Yes, and it will continue to do so if everyone receiving this message quietly moves on without taking a few minutes to voice their concern regarding Mr. Hyden's blood curdling agenda. Please take the above action steps today.

Recent STAR coverage can be viewed here.

To receive future updates on the status of penning in Indiana, sign up for the move to ACT newsletter at the bottom of the homepage. Please pass this along to your own distribution lists so we can stop the sanctioning of this senseless violence.

Thank you.
The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." ~Albert Einstein

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