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December Newsletter December 2010
Happy Holidays - Welcome to Move to ACT's holiday e-newsletter
In this issue
The Man in the Glass
During this holiday season, we again have the opportunity to cultivate clearer vision and establish more conscious and purposeful action that honors the integrity of our true nature. Selflessness can replace selfishness. Serving others can replace serving self. Honesty can replace deception. Consideration can replace inconsideration. Isn't everyday really a holy day? The man in the glass
The Untold Story
Here is a typical story that rarely gets to the media. ReTails, a newly established rescue organization, is pulling and adopting out animals (that would otherwise be killed at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control) at the rate of one animals per store-operation hour! They also operate a life-saving web network for animals in need. Here was a recent plea:

Hello everyone, there is a dog in central Indiana who desperately needs help. Can anyone step up to foster her? Her mange is not contagious; she also has frost bite and is very malnourished, and had an almost embedded collar. Marley is a 4-5 month old female shep/lab mix, yellow. The person looking for help for her assures me she is not sick with anything contagious and is being held at a place with no kennel cough. In spite of everything, they say she is friendly and sweet. You can see by the pictures she is really in terrible condition. Please let me know if you can help.

A little known, but true to the spirit organization, Heart for Dog Rescue responded immediately that they would accept the dog, get it vetted and added...

"Heart for Dog Rescue feels blessed to be able to help her. Our entire team is looking forward to meeting her."

This is not the first time HFD has reached out to dogs in this condition. As a matter of fact, it is their habit to do so.

Small rescue organizations struggle with small budgets and small name recognition but do great things. If you can help with financial support to HFD for Marley it would be much appreciated. Contact HFD.
Penned Hunting
In the November Action Alert newsletter, Mr. Jack Hyden, president of the Indiana Beagler's Alliance was introduced. A recent article in the Courier-Journal gives us a clearer picture of the beagler's activities and disregard for wildlife. Mr. Hyden is also a strong proponent of penned hunting and prideful that he has been successfully able to "kick butt" in the statehouse and ram bills he's massaged into the orifices of female legislative opponents. Mr. Hyden is also director of the Indiana Council for Animal Welfare Alliance.

An associate reports on the origin of the ICAWA that sheds even more on the profile of Mr. Hyden:

The ICAWA was formed as an oppositional response to the initial puppy mill legislation. In addition to Mr. Hyden (who strongly opposed the legislation) the ICAWA was comprised at the time of Levi Graber, puppy mill/pet store broker and representative for the Indiana Amish puppy mill community, Craig Curry (Uncle Bill's pet store representative), Sherry Beck (a Captain on the State Police force/ Doberman Pinscher breeder) Deb Beers, owner of Teapup (who currently is reported to house around 300 dogs) and various other dog breeders - including the Indiana Purebred Dog Alliance.

More information on penning is in this Action Alert: from Project Coyote regarding the treatment of America's native "song dog."

You can move to ACT by going to scroll down to "Proposed rules for public comment" and let the individuals of the Natural Resources commission hear your voice. The council needs to hear from more people than Mr. Hyden who has a prowess for influencing legislators. Surely the council will not bow to the influence of Mr. Hyden, or will they? Share this issue with your mailing lists and ask them to act now.
Learning the Language
We can better help the animals (and our efforts) if we have clear view of the stumbling blocks before us that can unknowingly cripple our progress along the path. Some of these stumbling blocks are placed before us by others, some of them by our own selves. Recognizing and understanding them helps us to use them as stepping stones to improve the journey.

The psychologists of animal behavior tell us that animals don't lie. Their body language is candid, honest and pure. Humans, on the other hand, are the only species quite capable of lying, either directly or indirectly. We can lie to others, we can lie to ourselves. We even have words that define the words that generate deception.

Euphemisms: Words that obscure the true meaning of a statement to make it more palatable.

Obfuscation: The concealment of intended meaning in communication, making communication confusing, intentionally ambiguous, and more difficult to interpret.

Tom Ehrich, an Episcopal pastor in Charlotte, N.C. published an article in April, 2007 that addresses the addiction and pathology of deception. He speaks to the feelings of grandiosity in which standards of honesty don't apply to the practitioner because self-interests are more important than truth. The article can be read here.

Deception and the aversion to honesty with both vocabulary and actions - to our own selves and others - takes a heavy toll on the journey to realizing the goal of erasing the reckless killing of adoptable, companion animals under our watch. The commitment of a million dollars from community benefactors will do little to realize this goal if agents who claim to be leading the charge are themselves disoriented and confused. Whether it's removing an unwelcomed animal welfare administrator by huddling behind closed doors and denying him due process or hypnotizing the public with misguided self-promotion and misinformation, we'll continue to fail to stop the killing by insisting on using euphemisms and trying to cook rice with talk. Doing either or both only cultivates self-delusion, confuses others, wastes donor dollars and insults not just our own intelligence but especially the animals by dismissing our actions as something other than what they are. Death by killing, not "euthanasia."
"Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people."
Spencer Johnson

Move to ACT is the first choice and the leading voice in providing accurate information to the public regarding the state of animal welfare in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

The mission of Move to ACT is to heighten community awareness of animal welfare issues and to advocate for improved policies and practices. MtA seeks truth and responsibility and is guided by principles of respect, accountability and integrity.

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