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Judge Hears Dispute over Humane Society Financing Plan

By Eric Berman

A coalition of local shelters and other animal-welfare advocates is asking the Indiana Court of Appeals to give it a voice in a Humane Society of Indianapolis financial-recovery plan.

The Humane Society wants to use a charitable trust that supports the organization as backing for a line of credit while it regroups from a budget shortfall.

A Marion Superior judge rejected the attempt to challenge the plan by “Move to Act”, because the judge said only the attorney general has that authority.

But the group's attorney, Maggie L. Smith, argues that the law says anyone with "an interest" in the trust has standing.

No word on when the court will rule. Judge John Sharpnack says a ruling will come "in due course."

[last modified: 5/25/2005 7:03 AM www.wibc.com ]

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