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Posted on May 24, 2005  

Follow Up to Indiana Court of Appeals Case Heard Today 5-24-05

Animal Welfare Service Providers vs. The Humane Society of Indianapolis & the Attorney General of Indiana

Today the Appellate Court of Indiana heard oral arguments on the Appeal filed by a group of animal welfare service providers against the Humane Society of Indianapolis and the Attorney General of Indiana.

The Animal Welfare Service Providers are just fighting for a chance to be heard…to have a voice in the administration of the Crume Trust, of which the financially crippled Humane Society is the beneficiary, as well as the overseeing trustee.

What has clearly been established at the trial court level is that the Humane Society is financially broke.  With this appeal, the Plaintiffs are trying to protect this trust from being abused.

The Animal Welfare Service Providers feel that the Attorney General's office has failed in their duty to adequately protect and administer this public charitable trust. 

The Appellate Judges' decision will determine if parties, other than the Attorney General, have “legal standing” and a voice in the protection of this trust and the animals it is supposed to serve.

Respectfully submitted:

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