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The endless and calculated misrepresentation of information in the May 26th letter: "My View: Martha Boden. Taking care of the animals and the books" continues to characterize the behavior of the agency’s officials and illustrate the absence of a moral compass that one would hope would be at the foundation of this animal welfare agency.
The author of the letter…
Misleads the reader by creating the perception it was said that HSI trust funds "lost $6 million in the last three years."  MtA has never made the statement that trust funds lost $6 million.

Wants the reader to believe that Mta filed a "complaint" with the attorney general's office.  Mta filed an objection to the Review of Accounts of the Mary Crume Trust.
Further confuses the reader by muddling the facts with disconnected information regarding offering financial data to mtA and the attorney general's representatives.
Purposely omits that the Humane Society Charitable Trust has been completely depleted and the Stokes Trust has been borrowed against to its limit.
Wants the reader to suspect that mtA is looking for a "moment in the spotlight"  when the co-founders of mtA, as well as mtA supporters- including the oldest and most respected animal advocacy organizations in the Indianapolis area endorsing mtA, have worked quietly for decades in animal welfare.
Wants the community to forget that the board leadership of two years ago remains in place today - attracting negative attention and perpetuating the lack of community trust in the stewardship of animal welfare dollars 
The above and/or even further comment to the HSI letter of skewed information is pointless.

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