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Move to Act, a locally based animal advocacy group recently initiated a community wide effort to rebuild public trust and restore the Humane Society of Indianapolis. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming indicates mtA President, Warren Patitz. “We’ve already surpassed a thousand signatures” quoted Mr. Patitz, a longtime animal advocate. Many individuals, after signing themselves, offered “on to spot’ to give their own time and talent to help our cause.

This drive gives Indianapolis area residents the opportunity to re-establish a Humane Society that truly represents the priorities of the animal welfare community, is a responsible steward of animal welfare dollars, and again becomes nationally recognized as a genuine advocate for all animals.

The objective of the drive, as outlined on the group’s web site (www.movetoact.org) is to add new board members that reflect these priorities and to remove board members that created the current environment or did nothing to change it. This would include those serving on the board during the period 2000-2002. With over $8M in losses during this period and an estimated 500,000 animals killed in the last 60+ years its time to put the “humanity” back in the way the Society provides for the companion animals under its care. The City of Indianapolis can do better. mtA desires to see HSI turned into a world class haven for animals and a beacon of light for all those who work tirelessly on their behalf.

For more information on the drive, please contact Warren directly at 317-641-9300 or via e-mail at info@movetoact.org.


A.T.Helm Consulting, is providing advisory services to the animal advocacy group Move to Act, Inc. Visit www.at-helm.com for more information on this company. Representing mtA is Warren Patitz. mtA represents several individuals  and organizations (a partial listing appears on the mtA web site) advocating on behalf of animal welfare issues within Indianapolis and surrounding communities. Visit mtA on the web @ www.movetoact.org  Our efforts are currently focused on bringing forth the facts that surround the finances at the Humane Society of Indianapolis. The public donor base, the life blood of HSI and many others similar entities, needs a full and fare accounting in order to make informed decisions as to where to invest their dollars. Standards beyond what one finds in the private sector should be the norm. HSI certainly depends on this inherent public trust for its very existence.


Paul Ponticello, President, A.T. Helm Consulting.  Office 317.575.4044


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