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At the request of Baker & Daniels, council for the trustees, the court has rescheduled the hearing originally set for today to May 25th, 2004 @ 11:00AM.

Paul Ponticello


For Immediate Use: March 22, 2004

Objection Filed in $3.5 Million Dollar Benevolent Trust.

On March 2nd, Move to Act, a local animal advocacy group filed a written objection to the Mary Crume “Statement of Accounts” in Marion County Probate Court. Mary Crume left a substantial estate to the Humane Society in 1940. Given that HSI officials are publicly declaring bankruptcy for the non-profit is looming, mtA wishes to shed light on their finances so that the public can make informed decisions before they invest. The petitioners are asking that the current trustee arrangement whereby HSI officials are both trustee and beneficiary be altered. They are also asking that the investment policy reflect the will of Mary Crume and that disclosure of key performance metrics be maintained and posted for public viewing at the HSI facility and on their web-site.

Sadly, when one studies the court record, there is a long history of preventing the benevolent intentions of Mary Crume from ever being achieved according to Paul Ponticello, spokesperson and advisor to the group. Mr. Ponticello indicates that case law has affirmed that the duties of trustees requires an ethic “stricter than the morals of the marketplace” and “uncompromising rigidity has been the attitude of the courts”. We intend to carry on the legacy of Otto Ray and many others to remain ever vigilant to the wishes of benefactors like Mary Crume and to the true beneficiaries, the animals of our city. We want to rebuild the Humane Society to be a leading light in the country and a “destined to live” community for our companion animals.

A hearing is set for 9:30AM, March 23 in Marion Superior Court, Probate Division before Judge Charles J. Deiter.


A.T.Helm Consulting, is providing advisory services to the animal advocacy group Move to Act, Inc. Visit www.at-helm.com for more information on this company. Representing mtA is Warren Patitz. mtA represents several individuals  and organizations (a partial listing appears on the mtA web site) advocating on behalf of animal welfare issues within Indianapolis and surrounding communities. Visit mtA on the web @ www.movetoact.org  Our efforts are currently focused on bringing forth the facts that surround the finances at the Humane Society of Indianapolis. The public donor base, the life blood of HSI and many others similar entities, needs a full and fare accounting in order to make informed decisions as to where to invest their dollars. Standards beyond what one finds in the private sector should be the norm. HSI certainly depends on this inherent public trust for its very existence.

Paul Ponticello, President, A.T. Helm Consulting.  Office 317.575.4044

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