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MtA has been busy preparing to protect the $3.4M trust that the Humane Society wants to put at risk for instant cash. This violates the wishes of Ms Crume as well as is contrary to legal use of a public charitable trust. MtA, the community AND ANIMALS are fortunate to be joined by four other local animal advocacy organizations as well as Norma Jean Balcom, (an heir to Mary Powell Crume) who are taking a stand to protect this trust from vanishing.

On June 2nd we filed suit in the superior court probate division:
• Complaint for breach of fiduciary duty
• Objection to Borrowing against corpus of public benevolent trust;
• Request for continuance of July 2, 2004 hearing set for request to borrow

...objecting to the trustee's (HSI) latest accounting because it once again fails to account for how it spent the $100,000 it received from the Trust;  HSI has filed its request to borrow nearly $2million from National City by pledging the assets of the Crume Trust;  which involves a significant conflict of interest because National City is also a co-trustee; and get HSI removed from the role of trustee because it has acted so irresponsibly in the past several years as to the administration of this trust.


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