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The scheduled oral arguement  was continued because of the Attorney General's July 1st filing motion for continuance.
The Honorable Judge Charles Dieter rescheduled July 20th for a gathering of the attorneys representing the various parties.
1. The Attorney General does not object to the employment of an investment advisor.
2. The Twenty-Second Statement of Accounts fails to report the property located at 7929 North Michigan Road, Indianapolis, Indiana, which is an asset of the Trust. *
3. Concurrently with the Amended Response, the Attorney General is filing his Objection of Attorney General to Petition to Allow Pledging of Charitable Assets, Motion for Continuance and Petition to Appoint Co-Trustee.
* mtA's co founder, Karen Patitz, discovered in her review of the real estate parcels at the assessor's office that the Humane Society buildings sit on property that is actually owned by the Mary Crume Trust.  HSI has omitted reporting this on their 990's.  The Attorney General's office appreciated this discovery. 
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