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Posted on January 12, 2005  

Tim Burris

As a way of addressing concerns over communication issues with the
public, the Humane Society of Indianapolis will hold a Meet the Board of
Directors night at its North Michigan Road location on Jan. 13 from 7-9
p.m. The informal event will give people an opportunity to meet the
current board of directors and ask questions about HSI. A professional
moderator will be present to lead the discussion.

HSI's board has had a reputation in the community for being guarded. But
according to HSI spokesman Jeff Terp, this is the perception of a few
people. “This meeting is just one more step in a constant communication
process,” Terp said.

Stacey Coleman attended the 2004 HSI board meeting to voice concerns in a
public forum, only to find that the public was allowed a total of 10
minutes to speak. Coleman then launched a series of phone calls and
e-mails to board members, prompting board President Brent Bolick to meet
with her.

Coleman said Bolick and the rest of the board were hesitant to face
public criticism, but insisted they wanted to be more open. Since her
meeting with Bolick, Coleman has met with other board members, and with
members of the Community Relations Committee. Terp said this event grew
out of discussions between Coleman and Linda Brundage, co-chair of the

“The sense that I am getting is that they are more open, but that remains
to be seen,” said Coleman, who wants to open a dialog between HSI and the

Information about the event can be found on the Web at www.indyhumane.org
or by calling Terp at 317-273-0080.

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