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Oral Argument Set –

Thursday, August 19th, 9 AM, Marion County Probate Court, City County Building, 17th Floor – Open to the Public.

MovetoACT, along with a coalition of animal advocacy groups, will be in court (on the above date and time) to argue their legal standing to protect the $3.4M Mary Powell Crume Trust from being used as collateral for a loan by The Humane Society of Indianapolis (HSI). Incredibly, HSI is both the beneficiary AND the trustee of the trust!

The Humane Society has already extinguished one charitable trust and has "borrowed to the limit on their Stokes Trust" and now wants to risk the Mary Powell Crume public charitable trust to potential loss.

Using the Crume trust in this manner not only violates the will of Mary Crume, but puts 90% of the trust assets in jeopardy in the event HSI defaults on the loan. Of further concern is the fact that the proposed lending institution, National City Bank, also employs Vice President William Guthrie, who is the new Treasurer on the Humane Society’s Board. This loan proposal is not in the best interest of the animals.

The oral argument on Thursday at 9 AM is open to the public.

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