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Rescue groups and the public invited to participate
in 4th annual life-saving Rescue Rally

"Tails Ales"
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Just One Day no-kill event becomes a record five no-kill days in Indianapolis

“Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Work”
News Release(1/10/13)

Welcome to Indianapolis!
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A GOOD DEATH Click on Audio Slideshow 'A Good Death'
Watch the reality of life and death thousands of animals face each day in shelters across the country. The photo essay was shot at Gregg County Humane Society in Texas, which depicts life for a shelter animal anywhere in the U.S. ...

HSI Crume Trust update
Dead dog's owner tells his side of the story
HSI's response to the unfortunate incident
NUVO: Lost dog killed by mistake
Lost dog runs up dead at humane society
Groups' Selfless Efforts to Protect Public Charitable Trust PDF file
Humane Society "depopulates" all adoptable cats
Dec Newsletter:
Dec 06: Animal Service Providers file petition to transfer case to Indiana Supreme Court
Jun 29: Humane Society can use fund to secure credit.
Jun 01: HSI receives 1 out of 4 stars from Charity Navigator.
May 25: Judge Hears Dispute over Humane Society Financing Plan.
May 24: Oral arguements heard by the IN Court of Appeals.
May 17: Crume Trust Objection filed with the appeals court.
May 05: Oral arguements set.
Mar 15: MtA filed Consolidated Reply Brief of Appellants
Jan 19: Nuvo article  "Are old wounds healing?  Few turn out to address HSI board"
Jan 13: Turnout sparse at HSI meeting.
Jan 12:  Nuvo. "Open dialogue. Humane Society board to meet public"
Dec 28: HSI filed Appellee's Brief
Dec 17:  HSI asks probate court for money from the Crume trust principal to pay for legal expenses.
Dec 14:  Motion for Continuance of December 20, 2004 Hearing On 22nd Statement of Accounts pdf
Nov 22: MtA giled Brief of Appellants in the IN Court of Appeals
Nov 15: News Release
Oct 20: Nuvo HSI update 
Oct 20: MtA response to probate court ruling
Oct.18: Court Ruling to animal service organizations' efforts to correct errors. pdf
Oct 15: Judge: Shelter can borrow against trust pdf
Oct 13: Dispute continues over beneficiary of trust
Oct 15:   Motion to Correct Errors To Require Evidence of Sufficiency of Collateral Back to Trust, Given That Crume Trust Already Owns Reversions In Same Collateral.
Oct 12: Amicus Brief pdf
Oct 12: Motion Leave to Participate as Amicus pdf
Sept 8: Star article, Judge resets hearing on Humane Society loan
Sept 7: Press Release
Sept 3: Animal welfare groups were denied access to the court systems
Sept 3: mtA response to HSI comments
Sept 3: Star article, Humane Society wins a round in dispute over fund
Aug 19th:  COMPLAINANTS' BRIEF DEMONSTRATING LEGAL STANDING TO OBJECT TO TRUSTEE'S ACCOUNTING AND TO PURSUE COMPLAINT FOR BREACH OF FIDUCIARY DUTY OWED TO THE PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST; RENEWED MOTION FOR LEAVE TO FILE AMENDED COMPLAINT.  This document is lengthy but brilliant in capturing the validity of having standing in court to address serious issues that would not be addressed otherwise.
Aug 18: Do mtA and the other petitioners have legal standing?
July 21: NUVO article, "Seeking Collateral"
July 15: WIBC News:  Attorneys Meet to Discuss Humane Society Finances
July 14: MtA response to IBJ article, "Reversal Shakes Humane Society"
July 12: IBJ article "Reversal shakes Humane Society "
July 7: Setting the Record Straight
July 5: IBJ article: "Up to the hard challenges"
July 4: Humane Society of Indianapolis facing financial crisis.  Associated Press
July 3: Star article: "Humane Society accepts co-trustee of $3.4 million fund"
July 2: Oral arguement regarding standing
July 1: MtA Press Release
June Summary: ("Not officially "filed" because dismissed")
May 28: Eric Smith resigns from HSI board.  Eric is a committed animal advocate and cofounder of   several animal advocacy initiatives in the Indianapolis area.
May 27:  Reply to May 26 letter to the editor
May 26:  Letter to the editor:  "My View: Martha Boden. Taking care of the animals and the books"
May 28:  Eric Smith resigns from HSI board.  Eric is a committed animal advocate and cofounder of   several animal advocacy initiatives in the Indianapolis area
May 25:  MtA Court appearance on Objection to Review of Accounts of Mary Crume Trust
POINT OF CLARIFICATION:  It is important to clarify that the Attorney General's office did not initiate any investigation into HSI with respect to the trust funds.  Because the Mary Powell Crume Trust is a public benevolent charitable trust, the State Attorney General must be consulted with respect to all significant financial transactions involving the Trust.  HSI contacted the Attorney General's office to review (and perhaps consent to) HSI's proposal to take a $700,000 or more loan against the Trust's assets; and such request by HSI is proper under the statutes.  Thus, it was HSI who initiated the dialogue with Attorney General Steve Carter's Office, not the converse.  MtA apologizes if any statement or reference made by any member at the annual meeting  (  may have led to a misperception that the Attorney General initiated an investigation. "
May 21:  Review of HSI annual meeting …here
May 19:  Star article: "Humane society financial crisis. Critics: Trust funds were mismanaged. State probing allegations; board blames stock market"
May 19:  HSI Annual meeting and Press Release:
May 18: mtA Bulletin
May 13: HSI officials send 3rd! broadcast mailing to mtA constituency with the same confusing return address: "From: "MTA and HSI" 
May 12:  Replies to Nuvo's "Letters to the editor" re: "Financial disclosure" article
May 11:  MtA Press Release
May 8:  HSI announces annual meeting.  ... here
May 5:  Nuvo article. Financial disclosure
May 5:  HSI Officials send 2nd confusing broadcast mailing (with misleading return address stating: From "MTA and HSI" to mtA supporters 
Honesty / Stewardship & Presenting Information to the Public"
April Summary
Mar. 30: MtA announces initial HSI Board replacement slate.   ...more
Mar. 29: IBJ reports on HSI "Clawing for a Future" to avoid financial "death spiral"  ...more
mtA commentary
Mar. 29: mtA "Down to the Bone" Petition Drive News Release  ...more
Mar. 26: Spay Neuter Services of Indiana., Inc. endorses mtA
Mar. 26: Indianapolis Star reports on HSI official's comments ...more mta commentary
Mar. 22: mtA learns HSI Board Member, Aline Anderson, has resigned due to scheduling conflicts.
Mar. 22: News Release on Objection ...more
Mar. 2: mtA files Objection ...more
Mar. 2: mtA initiates "Down to the Bone" petition drive ...more
Time is running out for the animals. Become a "signature captain" and contact
Collect signatures and return to mtA by April 5th.
Feb. 25: MtA initiates ad campaign. View ads
Feb. 25: MtA meets with HSI officials. ...more
Jan. 30: HSI Board member Roger Parient resigns
Jan. 26: Williams Foundation endorses mtA
Jan. 25: Indiana Sheltie Rescue endorses mtA
Jan. 25: mtA launches e-mail initiative Full text (A)
Jan. 24: ARPO endorses mtA
Jan. 15: HSI declines offer to meet with mtA representatives:
Offer: "Mr. Patitz and I are available to meet with you to hear your response to our objectives and to answer any questions at this time."
Decline: "I'm not sure we're at a stage where we can meet to provide a response to your objectives because I'm still not sure what they are."   Full text (B)
Jan. 15: HSI Board member Darcie Kurtz resigns, joins mtA initiative
Jan. 13: Web site launched
November '03 thru January '04: Informational sessions held
Late fall '03: MtA organized