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On Monday, April 26th, HSI filed a petition in the probate court to appoint a new trust investment advisor for the Mary Crume Trust. It was approved on the 27th.  This is after the mtA filing of the objection to the Mary Crume statement of accounts.  MtA was not served notice to this recent petition.
This is the third advisor change for this trust in 18 months.

MtA has had sporadic dialogue with HSI President-elect to try and meet.  Mr. Bolick will not meet unless MtA agrees with the HSI position that has been consistent in the last several months:
"The HSI board development process does not and will not include mass resignation of board members who served between 2000 & 2002."
This position was expected but also has prohibited meeting. 
MtA has recently received additional new supporters from as far away as Maine and Maryland.
Current HSI President Monty Korte has received more than 45 electronic letters to date (and an undetermined number of snail mail letters) from mtA supporters asking for:
         Public disclosure of audited financial statements and other relevant HSI financial documents.
        Documented proof that all monies spent by prior HSI staff on personal items have been repaid.
        Current board acknowledges poor governance to having  allowed $ millions of lost assets to occur.
        Public disclosure and detailed accounting of losses.
        Resignation of all board members serving during this period.
"If you truly have interest in animal welfare, you will make every effort to restore faith and security in HSI with the public by complying with public requests as outlined above.  If you don't, it is apparent that you have something to hide and you are not willing to come clean.  You owe this honesty to all of the innocent victims; they deserve your every effort.  And finally, if you don't make these attempts at restitution, please explain, how do you and your confreres sleep at night?"      
- Sandra Speitel  Rockville, Maryland
The "Down to the Bone" petition drive has resulted in more than 2,400 signatures!!! 
Mr. Korte states, "Move to ACT is a small organization and reflects the views of only its members." (Star 03/26/04).


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