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The HSI annual meeting was initiated by a “welcome” by outgoing president Monte Korte.  Mr.Korte is going to continue to be present on the board to assist with the transition of the accounting to new board member and treasurer Bill Guthrie, of National City Bank. 

This was followed by a brief formality of the approval of minutes, announcement and introduction of new officers and incoming directors.  MtA wishes them well because they are faced with a steep learning curve ahead.  MtA offers our assistance in helping them recognize and understand the critical obstacles and priorities they should identify in this new area to benefit the agency and its survival.

HSI staff was acknowledged for their efforts.  MtA respects and supports the hard work and genuine caring of all the HSI animal care professionals. The work is difficult beyond description.

Brent Bolick facilitated a spirited Q/A session.

The meeting concluded with a light lunch.

Note:  This meeting has no bearing on mtA's efforts other than to strengthen its resolve to assist HSI from its official's continued behavior contributing to the community's lack of trust, the agency's self-destruction and further jeopardizing the animals in our community.

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