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Rescue groups and the public invited to participate
in 4th annual life-saving Rescue Rally

"Tails Ales"
August and September
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Just One Day no-kill event becomes a record five no-kill days in Indianapolis

“Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Work”
News Release(1/10/13)

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Mission Statement:

Strategic Plan:

What is all about?

move to ACT (mtA) is a 501(c)3 grassroots initiative that came into existence in 2003 to help the Humane Society of Indianapolis regain the public's trust. Once among the wealthiest nonprofit animal welfare agencies in the country, HSI had allowed that trust to be eroded by practices that included commingling of assets, conversion of property, and public charitable trust invasion.

While homeless animals were being destroyed at the rate of 20,000 a year, these practices could not be ignored. mtA was joined by several other local animal service organizations, including Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana, Inc., Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership, Inc., Home for Friendless Animals, Inc., and Southside Animal Shelter, Inc.; Norma Jean Balcom, a relative of HSI benefactor Mary Crume; and a passionate, sympathetic and heroic attorney, Veronica Jarnagin, to help stop the financial bleeding.

In the course of this effort, mtA came to see that a very real challenge for animals is the delivery, or lack thereof, of accurate information on their behalf. Whether intentional or unintentional, erroneous or manipulated information misdirects resources and compromises responsible stewardship. We feel that stewardship is both a responsibility and a gift.

Our campaigns have grown. We actively promote animal rescue and responsible pet ownership through events like Rescue Rally, Just One Day, and other activities on behalf of homeless animals. We also remain committed to promoting the most efficient use of donor dollars to directly aid the animals in need.

Why do we care? This one-eyed dog can show you: Winky, Who's rescuing whom?

George Angell, founder of the Massachusetts SPCA in 1868, had an answer, too:

"I am working at the roots. When human beings finally learn to honor the spirit of all beings, most of the world's problems will be solved."

mtA invites you to join us in being sure that the animals on our watch are not being denied quality care and treatment because of misinformation and lack of available resources. If you see this happening, move to ACT.