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Contact:     Paul Ponticello
President, A.T. Helm Consulting & Move to Act Consultant

Large Public Turnout Expected
At Humane Society Annual Meeting

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (May 11, 2004) – When the Humane Society of Indianapolis Board Members hold their annual meeting on May 19th, they won’t be alone.  A large number of citizens concerned about the Humane Society's future are expected to attend the meeting and press their case for accountability from the agency’s leadership.  The media is encouraged to attend as well.

What:  Humane Society of Indianapolis Annual Meeting

Where: Humane Society Ruth Lilly Learning Center
        7929 N. Michigan Rd., Indianapolis

When: May 19th, 2004 at 11:30 a.m.

The Humane Society’s annual meeting comes less than a week before shelter officials are scheduled to appear in Probate Court to respond to criticism concerning how the shelter has handled one of its key trust funds.  Move to Act, a local animal advocacy group, recently filed an Objection in Probate Court to the Annual Statement of Accounts the Humane Society filed in connection with the $3.5 million dollar Mary Crume benevolent public trust.  In addition, the Humane Society’s annual meeting comes in the wake of articles in The Indianapolis Star and other publications which state the Humane Society is in danger of closing its doors in 2005, due to lack of financing.

As far as we can determine, this is the first time in the history of the agency that this meeting has ever been scheduled for midday for the limited time of thirty minutes.

During the Humane Society’s Annual Meeting, Move to Act will be one of several groups in attendance.  Move to Act’s recent “Down to the Bone” petition drive garnered more than 2,400 signatures from local citizens demanding the resignation of Humane Society board members who served during the 2000 – 2002 period.  The “Down to the Bone” petition will be among the topics presented in the ten minutes the shelter board allocates for “public comment.”

Move to Act, co-founded by Karen and Warren Patitz, consists of a group of individuals and organizations advocating on behalf of animal welfare issues in Indianapolis and surrounding communities.  The group is currently focusing on pressing the Humane Society to provide a full and fair accounting of its finances to the public, so the public may make informed decisions as to where to invest their dollars.  Visit Move to Act on the web at www.movetoact.org.

A.T.Helm Consulting provides advisory services to Move to Act, Inc. Visit www.at-helm.com for more information on this company. 

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